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Top Ten List Why Illinois Direct TV Packages are the Best

vywDon’t miss out on all Illinois Direct TV packages offer. I have personally had DirecTV for at least 15 years and I would never go back to cable. The experience is light years beyond cable providers in Illinois. I have recently come up with a list of why DirecTV is the very best. I know there are many more than ten reasons but here are the top ten reasons I think DirecTV is the best.

Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Switch To DirecTV

  1. Price

When you call up DirecTV you will be impressed. They don’t try to make you buy into the most expensive product. You will be offered something that is of amazing value, within your price range.

  1. Quality

The picture quality is awesome because it is through satellite and not a line buried under ground. They also have over 200 HD channels which are clear, you will see everything.

  1. Customer Service

Although we touched on this a bit in number 1 it is worth repeating. DirecTV cares about you, the customer.

  1. Wide range of packages

DirecTV offers many different packages, find one that works best.

  • DirecTV Select has over 145 channel to suit your tastes.
  • DirecTV Entertainment Package comes with over 150 channels plus local channels as well.
  • DirecTV Choice which is my favorite package because it is a whopping 175 channels plus local as well.
  • DirecTV Xtra Package comes with 220 channels.
  • DirecTV Ultimate comes with 240 channels
  • DirecTV Premier comes with 315 channels including the premium channels.
  1. Free installation

No charge to come out and install or even just to take a look to see if satellite will work for you (clear view of the sky is needed).

  1. The Genie 4 rooms can record at once

A perfect DVR if you have teens, in laws or live with friends. It records in 4 rooms

  1. A Chicago bears fan must have NFL ticket

No Need to explain, DA Bears.

  1. Four Premium channels free for 3 months (with some packages) I enjoyed the opportunity to see how much we would use the premium channels before buying.
  1. Internet so you no longer need two providers
  1. Speedy on time service.

Everything I want in a satellite company, Illinois Direct TV packages has. So for me it was a winning choice. I think you will enjoy it, just as much.


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