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The 5 Benefits of Using a Cpanel Server in Your Company

The 5 Benefits of Using a Cpanel Server in Your CompanyWhen it comes to running a successful business, there are many important questions that you have to ask yourself. None is more important than how your website and information is hosted. Protecting your files and personal information is one of the biggest things you have to consider in this day of internet terrorism and website hackers. Allowing anyone from the outside to access your companies information is a recipe for disaster, and choosing the right type of server can make all the difference in keeping all your information on secure lock down. While there are many choices when it comes to securing your information, this article will discuss 5 benefits to using a Hivelocity cpanel server in your company.

Easy Installation Process
One of the biggest problems with a server is that installing it can be a nightmare. The last thing you need is all types of difficulties in the set up process, only to find you did not do everything correctly and left a back door open for hackers to simply walk in as they please. One of the biggest benefits to choosing a cpanel server for your business is that you can easily install it with just a few steps.

In basic terms, you only need to install a Linux operating system and then simply allow the script for the installation to run. When you utilize this type of server, you will quickly recognize that all of the server configuration is quickly done for you. This takes out the possibility of making major mistakes during installation.

Compatibility With Others
Another big benefit to working with a cpanel server is that it is widely compatible with most open sourced applications. Rather than limiting yourself to just a few applications, the cpanel server allows you to have access to the majority of the most popular sources available.

No Experience Necessary
It really is as simple as that, you do not need to be a computer expert to be able to function within the cpanel server. This is truly one of those out of the box ready to go systems, you do not need any experience in working with servers to be able to be up and running and comfortable with your set up.

Ease to Move Around
One of the biggest advantages to using the cpanel server is the ability to move around with no issues. Take your website off one hosting company and move it to another easily. You will never be tied down to a host anymore with a cpanel server.

Simple Website Management
Your new Hivelocity cpanel server allows you to use many of the simple features for managing all the functions of your website. Take back control of all the tasks involved in running a website like code backup, forwarding mail, managing multiple accounts, and database backups.

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