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Role of Technology in Business

Role of Technology in BusinessIn the business world, being able to perform necessary business functions efficiently and effectively is crucial. Regardless of the type of service or product a given business provides, keeping up with the latest applicable technology is one of the best ways to ensure success. Technology is advancing at an incredible rate, and businesses everywhere are taking advantage of this in order to provide the best service possible for consumers. To illustrate my point, here are two brief examples of successful businesses and industries using the latest technology:

1.       UPS. In the mail shipment industry, keeping consumers happy means letting them know where their packages and mail are and how soon they’ll be arriving. UPS has been very successful because of their top of the line tracking technology that allows customers to follow their mail as it travels from its original location to its eventual destination. Not only does it allow customer to have a more accurate arrival time, tracking technology greatly reduces the amount of packages that are lost or misplaced, as there’s a detailed record of where that specific package has been.

2.       Dental practices. I’m sure the first thing you think of when considering dental technology is either an x-ray machine or a type of drill. While these types of technologies are definitely important, dental practices are also relying on new forms of software to ensure success. Viive Dental Practice Management Software is an example of this. Used on a Mac, Viive is a dental software program that is centered on the patient and makes scheduling, viewing records, and organizing patient information much easier and efficient. Several dentists are getting onboard with updating the way they organize and store patient’s information, and more and more dentists are using this type of software technology.

While these are two very brief examples of how technology plays a very important role in business, there are plenty more examples out there. Just about every business you can think of relies on technology and the advances we continue to make in order to be successful. It’s clear that one of the main differences between having a successful business and having a failing business is whether or not the available technology is being utilized.

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