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Getting The Most From Your Server Host

Getting The Most From Your Server HostHivelocity colocation services offer many advantages to business clients who depend upon servers to store, transmit, and process data. Locating client’s servers in a secure, technically supported facility connected by continuous remote access is an excellent solution to server placement and maintenance. Combined with the leading networks and connection to a wide variety of peers, Hivelocity hosting can improve business processes and help achieve organizational goals and improve customer service.

Servers require care and maintenance to achieve maximum productivity and deliver a full useful life to the owners. Space requirements are another consideration given that many businesses locate in premium priced office space footage. For servers, this is an expense that does not contribute value to function; they work best in climate controlled environments with excellent ventilation and full time technical oversight. Other advantages of these excellent collocation services are software support, reliability, network strength, and physical security

Environment conditions affect function and useful life of high capacity servers. Dust, dirt, high temperatures, humidity, and ventilation can diminish server life and performance. Power interruptions and unstable power flow can damage servers and cause undue wear and tear. In typical office environments, far more care is given to the comfort of human occupants, machinery and servers are often relegated to spare and minimally improved spaces. Collocation provides tailored environments to maximize life cycles of hardware and software.

Hivelocity colocation services leave its customers with the power of their servers, and a direct pipeline continuous access. A leading host services company, services include installation and testing, an assigned IPS, security, maintenance, and ideal conditions for server operations. Reliability is the key; network downtime is costly and damaging to business relationships. To be reliable a network must use the most efficient carriers and be flexible to find the fastest route for data movement. Hivelocity uses five major carriers including Time Warner Telcom and Level3, and employs the most efficient routing protocols. Additionally, there are peer relationships with more than 300 US networks. The network capability is strong, redundant, flexible, and designed to keep the client’s business free of interruption.

Expertise and experience make Hivelocity services unique among many competitors. Based on a broad range of proprietary and contract services operated at the facility, highly skilled staffs of technicians are constantly on duty. Their experience includes Linux and Window systems, many types of servers and software. They regularly work with virtual servers, cloud computing, and online storage have created a deep reservoir of technical experience. Customers have the advantage of in-depth familiarity and frequent application with Voice Over Internet Protocols, proxy, game and virtual servers and nearly every widely used protocol. With available technicians and technical assistance including access to a large inventory of spare parts, collocation has benefits that would be tremendously costly to duplicate at the owner’s locations.

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